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Over a period of time, the climate across Scotland has created the perfect environment for moss, algae and lichen to flourish on roof tiles. This has resulted in a big demand for roof cleaning in Scotland from homeowners who do not have the capacity to clean their own roofs.

If you live in Scotland and need a professional roof cleaning company to transform the look of your roof, we may be able to help. We have a far reaching network of experienced and fully insured roof cleaning contractors covering most towns in Scotland. Although most enquiries for roof cleaning or roof repairs come from Glasgow and Edinburgh, we also receive enquiries for roof cleaning from Ayr to Aberdeen.

The roof cleaning industry is now moving fast with the times. Many homeowners are now opting for coloured elastomeric roof coatings to be applied their roofs. The roof coatings come in various colour shades that will totally transform the look and appearance of any old looking roof tiles.

The elastomeric 'paint type' roof coatings used in Scotland ensure the roof tiles can 'breathe' at all times. This prevents the build up of moisture on the roof tiles which can lead to the rapid spread of moss and lichen growing on the roof. The roof coatings will also filter out damaging UV rays from the sun which can lead to the tiles rapidly losing colour.


• Pre-treats the roof tiles with an anti-fungicide.

• Pressure cleans the roof to remove dirt and pollutants.

• Makes remedial repairs to cracked roof tiles if necessary.

• Applies roof sealers or coloured roof coatings for long term protection.

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If the erection of a temporary scaffold is required to access particularly challenging roof lines then this will be installed a day or two prior to the main work of roof cleaning starting. If a tower scaffold or cherry picker is required to safely carry out the work then these will be arranged on the day. Find Out More

• Provides a protective barrier against fungal growth (moss, lichen etc)

• Enhances original colouring of roof tiles.

• Very effective in filtering out damaging UV light.

• The coatings help prevent vapour build up which encourages moss and algae growth.

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For homeowners in Scotland looking for a FREE roof survey and no obligation roof cleaning quote, please call 0800 849 9498. Alternatively, you can also make your enquiry online. Our roof cleaners cover most areas in Scotland including Ayr, Paisley, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling, Dunfermline, Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness.
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